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Super volley revamp revamp by CookiemagiK

The awesomeness of this animation is overwhelming. This already seems like it would be hard to do on a still setting, yet you even added a 3D effect!

I'm not really all that good at drawing y'see, my art is made good by redoing the traces, over and over, thus consuming a lot of time in a single piece of art. I've tried pixel art and I found out that although simple, it's hard to produce a quality piece. To make such fluid animation and the rotation on top of it, I'd say you deserve a lot of respect. You've got a lot of talent, that much is clear. I can only begin to immagine the amount of work that went into this.

The frame rate is smooth, the emotes are really cute bouncing around like that, and the perspective is flawless. This... is amazing art. Simply beautiful.
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